miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

Anillo "Pétalos" en Aesthetica "Creative Works Annual"

Luego de una larga espera, he recibido mi anuario  "Creative Works Annual", Edición 2012 de la revista Aesthetica Magazine donde aparece mi anillo "Pétalos" a pagina completa, en una edición de excelente calidad, por haber sido seleccionado en "The Aesthetica Art Prize".
Ring "Petals" / Anillo "Pétalos" by Patricia Gallucci
Blackened Alpaca, patina. 2011
Alpaca ennegrecida. 2011

Creative Works Annual

2012 Edition
Print edition £8.95 - Digital edition £7.95

A stimulating anthology of new works that explore contemporary artistic practice, the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual 2012 brings together 75 artists who represent contemporary visual culture across a range of media, from painting to sculpture, photography to installation and more.
Artists from across the world are presented in this collection, and through this international representation it’s possible to see works that are being produced today in different contexts.
The works in this collection fuse the personal with the global and unite to communicate a wider message about the world in which we live. +info

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